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Why Architects Need to Understand Scanning

Why Architects Need to Understand Scanning

BIM is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent in the AEC industry. As this growth occurs, implementing 3D laser scanning can help designers and engineers process more information and create smoother workflows for a project. For architects, 3D laser scanning is beneficial at all stages of a project. Here’s why architects need to understand scanning:

  • Get accurate measurements. Capturing accurate measurements can be difficult, especially when working with curves and difficult angles. 3D laser scanning uses points in 3-dimensional space to create a point cloud. The traditional method of measurement—which involves combining extensive manual measurements completed with varying levels of accuracy—requires some assumptions and guesswork.
  • Create important schematic designs. You can use 3D laser scans to create important designs, such as site plans, floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings. If your project is a remodel or addition to an existing structure, this information creates an important starting place for your design.
  • Monitor progress and accuracy during construction. You can use multiple 3D scans throughout the construction phase of a project not only to monitor progress but to compare the accuracy of what is being built to the design. As a means of quality control, scanning during construction ensures that any issues that arise can be dealt with right away.
  • Capturing as-built conditions. Capture as-built conditions of completed projects or existing structures to create accurate and thorough documentation. Documentation for many existing structures is severely lacking if not completely nonexistent. This creates problems for facility management and when updates and remodels are required in the future.

Bruce White will be diving into the basics of laser scanning and BIM workflows in his Scan to BIM session at the upcoming 2016 Hawaii BIM Workshops and Phoenix BIM Workshops.

How have you benefited from using laser scanning? Share your successes in the comments below.