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Shared Parameters for Plumbing

Using Shared Parameters to Control Visibility of Plumbing Fixtures [Free Download]

In anticipation for the upcoming 2016 BIM Workshops, we’re sharing the full handout from one of last year’s presentations! In this tutorial, Jack Trexler shares why you should use Shared Parameters to turn on and off the geometry of plumbing fixtures.

Reason #1: Create Clean Prints Fast

With this workflow, you’re able to turn off plumbing fixtures at one location at any part of the design phase while not affecting tags, which is much more efficient than turning off the plumbing fixture category in individual views.

Reason #2: Encourages Use of Company Standard Families

Use plumbing fixtures that have already been created rather than trying to recreate or copy ones from a linked file and modifying those to work with the existing tags and schedules. Using this workflow with Shared Parameters will enable you to take those families and add functionality to them!

Reason #3: No More Headaches!

Have you ever turned off a plumbing fixture that is on another designer’s link and then not realize that the other designer has moved the fixture? Well, unless you copied and monitored all the fixtures, you’ll never know it! Using the Shared Parameters workflow, however, will help ease this issue and cause you less stress.

Now that you know the reasons why, download the full tutorial to learn the six easy steps to controlling the visibility of objects globally throughout a project!

Download Session Handout

Share your thoughts about the tutorial in the comments below, and also let us know if there are any topics you would like to see covered in a future tutorial!