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Revit Round-up: From Old Content to Deleting Type

Revit Roundup Blog

Looking for the latest Revit tips and tutorials? Check out our quick round-up from across the web.

This week’s Round-Up features helpful answers to issues in Revit, including a solution for loading links after a migration to Revit 2016 to using Revit to clean up text in our models and templates.

Have a website or blog to suggest? Let us know in the comments! And if you haven’t already, give the blogs below a follow for more tips and tricks.

Revit 2017 Content Not Installed Correctly

Revit 2017 now updates every time you open or load a file or Template, so if you had old content installed, features like Structural Connections may not work. Jay Poulding from the blog Revit in Plain English shares how to fix this issue. Source: Revit in Plain English

How to Delete Any Type in Revit

Yes, Dynamo and API can help you remove text, but Luke Johnson from the blog What Revit Wants shows how you can do so with just vanilla Revit.Source: What Revit Wants

Automatically Reload Links After Migration

Having an issue with links not automatically reloading after you migrate a model from Revit 2015 to Revit 2016? Jeremy Tammik from the blog The Building Coder and his colleagues share a solution to this user issue. Source: The Building Coder