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Moving from CAD to BIM and Beyond

Paul Aubin is a highly-respected and sought-after resource in the BIM industry. You may have encountered him before as a top-rated speaker at one of many conferences he speaks at or read one of his many CAD and BIM books. Paul’s focus is architectural design and production and his books detail the process and usage of Autodesk software for AEC design.

As a long-time CAD user, author, and consultant, he and BIM, in his words, sort of grew up together. He found BIM to be the natural evolution of the AEC industry. Now that we’re in the age of BIM, however, Paul is still looking to the future to find the next big thing that can transform the industry. As with many of the top BIM professionals, he is eager to see how new tools like reality capture, augmented reality, and virtual reality make their way into everyday workflows for everyday users. In fact, he will be attending the 2016 Phoenix BIM workshops with a fresh perspective on the subject after returning from a two-week reality capture workshop in Italy.

Paul will be discussing global parameters in Revit and how users can use Dynamo to enhance Revit’s abilities at the Phoenix BIM Workshops. Check out his sessions, Dynamo: Moving Data To and From Revit and Global Parameters, Global Control! to learn more from him.

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