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The Latest Building Industry Trends and Technology

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You can’t discuss technology in the building industry without mentioning BIM. However, those in the know are looking ahead to another emerging technology that will bring improvements to the industry: 3D laser scanning. Laser scanning can create a point cloud image using size and location data collected from real objects in a certain space.

Bud LaRosa, chief business performance officer and chief financial officer for Tocci Building Companies, told Construction Dive, “Laser scanning I think has a lot of room to run. Not as many people are using it, but it’s a great tool to measure more precisely than most conventional ways. What the laser scanner allows you to do is get millions of data points and put that into a building information model and provide much more information about conditions you couldn’t get previously. Look for that to continue to grow certainly next year and for another five years.”

As new tools become available, our existing software technology must keep up. Autodesk has released the new Revit 2017 to empower users to work faster and more efficiently every day. Many users are touting this release as one of the most expansive and exciting releases in years. After experiencing the ability to put more data into Revit models and get more out, Revit expert Paul Aubin told In The Fold, “The potential for global parameters is huge. You can start creating design relationships between objects that aren’t even next to one another. They could be in totally different areas of the building, but you’ve got a global point of control.”

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