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Innovation and Collaboration with Robert Bell

Robert Bell’s journey with BIM started many years ago. As someone who has been involved in the MEP industry for a long time, he was introduced to BIM and became active with it from the MEP perspective while it was still penetrating the architectural world.

As BIM has become more prevalent in the MEP and architectural industries, Robert’s experience has prepared him to look forward to the direction BIM is headed. He’s eager to see organizations trend away from overly-detailed modeling and start leveraging the data that is available in a more meaningful way. This could be through incorporating data directly in models or in external databases linked with BIM-authoring platforms. Robert is also eager to have the opportunity to increase ease of collaboration. “Over the next five years, I hope that the industry, especially in the United States, wakes up and stops preventing innovation in design and construction due to the legal landscape. Most contracts are written in such a way that truly working together in a virtual building is very difficult,” he said.

At the BIM Workshops and other industry conferences, Robert values the connections made with other members of the industry. He has found that the opportunity for discussion with industry peers has shown him the creativity other organizations have employed to deal with limitations imposed on them due to technology or processes.

Robert will be discussing collaboration and creating and using families in Revit at the Orange County and Phoenix BIM Workshops. Check out his sessions, Avoiding Collaboration Sand Traps and MEP Family Techniques to learn more from him.

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