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From Interior Design to the World of BIM

Kristin Rhein’s start in the BIM and AEC industry began after she graduated from Interior Design school at Michigan State University. When she accepted a position with U.S. CAD and moved to Hawaii, she started teaching AutoCAD. She said, “I went from interior design to coordinating construction projects. Five years ago, I would never have imagined myself sitting in a job trailer with a bunch of contractors.”

Now that she’s fully ingrained in the world of BIM, she’s eager to see adoption continue to increase. She hopes to soon see everyone in the AEC industry using BIM and choosing to continue educating themselves about new technology options. She’s also very interested in the opportunities that are available with cloud coordination for projects with solutions like BIM 360 Glue that give users the access to coordination anytime, anywhere.

Kristin has a passion for watching design become a reality, specifically in architecture and she will be sharing that passion at the 2016 Orange County and Honolulu BIM Workshops. In her sessions Becoming More Efficient in AutoCAD® and Keeping It Simple with Autodesk Virtual Coordination Solutions, attendees are learning more about how they can make their workflows more efficient and coordinate projects virtually.

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