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The Revit Geek, Unmasked

For Brian Mackey, Revit isn’t a job—it’s a family affair.

He is a seasoned BIM Workshops presenter, and, in his mind, the funniest experience he’s had at any of the BIM Workshops was when he brought his newborn daughter with him. “She was strapped to my chest, facing outward in her Baby Bjorn®, when she grabbed my breakfast—yogurt and berries—and dumped it all over her and me.”

Brian’s family is what inspires him to be happy in work and in life, and that is reflected in his business. In 2011, he undertook a career change and opened his own business, BD Mackey Consulting.

Brian has more than 20 years of experience in the industry in various roles, ranging from framing to architectural woodworking, to being a CAD Manager, and, finally, to becoming a Technical Specialist certified in Revit. However, Brian still credits his wife Desiree and her knowledge and experience as the reason he was able to open his business. As a structural engineer who grew up in a family construction business, her support and passion for pushing the limits of what Revit can do allows Brian to make the most of his experience and focus on his clients’ needs.

Brian will be back at the BIM Workshops this year sharing his extensive Revit knowledge and experience with us. Though Brian is consistently one of the most highly-rated BIM Workshops speakers, we’re really looking forward to the day that the next generation of the Mackey family can help us make the most of Revit in the BIM industry.

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