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Revit 2017

The Revit Geek Blog: Tips Straight from the Expert

Brian Mackey, the self-proclaimed “Revit Geek,” shares his knowledge of and passion for Revit with the world through his blog, Twitter, and a monthly, free Q&A webcast called Revit Radio. On his blog, The Revit Geek, you’ll find him frequently discussing Revit tips, features, quirks, and potential bugs that he, and occasionally clients, find while using Revit every day.

With the recent unveiling of Autodesk Revit 2017, Brian has immersed himself in the new release and shared his many findings, including some important tips and undocumented features and updates.


What Did I Tag

Power users of any program become highly in-tune with workflows and shortcuts within the program they use. Brian is fond of using right-click commands when he works. The “Select Host” function can help users improve their day-to-day processes in Revit.

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Revit Railings Termination

As a well-respected person in the industry, Brian, and many other Revit experts, often share with the public their update and improvement wishes. New in Revit 2017, a feature that Revit experts have been calling for, seeing termination families in plan views, is now available.

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Revit Radio

Tune in on the third Thursday of each month to hear Brian discussing Revit and the BIM industry with other Revit experts.

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Brian will be back at the BIM Workshops this year sharing his extensive Revit knowledge and experience with us. To learn more from him, come see his sessions Rationalizing Revit Railings and Utilizing Global Parameters for Structural Engineers!


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