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Gerald Garrett

Recognizing the evolution of BIM, with Gerald Garrett

Gerald Garrett is a Solutions Consultant at U.S. CAD, and a certified Autodesk® and Bluebeam® instructor, who regularly consults for firms in the AEC industry. He also works with students and clients to provide them with a better understanding of the technical aspects of projects and workflows. Because he’s such a great instructor, and great at influencing his audiences, we want him to present at the 2016 BIM Workshops!

Laying the Foundation

Gerald got an early start in the BIM industry. He grew up building and remodeling track homes and patios, and digging irrigation trenches and fence-post holes with his father, who had also grown up doing these things with his father – a master craftsman.

Although Gerald enjoyed the idea of building, he knew he wanted to do more. “One day after we finished a project, I recognized my love to build, but also, that I wasn’t such a fan of always being dirty. So, during my freshman year in high school, I started taking AutoCAD courses in place of math classes.”

After studying AutoCAD for several years, he became a certified Autodesk instructor and established a career in the BIM industry. “These days, there is so much happening in the BIM world through Autodesk,” he tells us. “They have led the way through the era of documentation and optimization, and are now leading the era of connection.”

Recognizing the Shift

Gerald enthusiastically observes the implementation of technology in the BIM world and recognizes the important role BIM plays in these technological advancements. He explains, “BIM is a large part of this new age of technology, through phones and other mobile devices. It seems to be headed in the direction of facility and AI management – [having the ability to] remotely turn on and off lights, lock doors while away from your home, or track facility output and annual usage.”

Gerald strongly supports Autodesk’s products and strategies and sees how well these tech advancements are impacting the BIM industry. He explains, “Autodesk understands where the BIM industry has been, well enough to see where it’s going, and is adjusting its focus to calibrate with this change. Another cool thing in BIM is how it’s all going online – to the cloud.”

Looking ahead, Gerald sees great potential for BIM in other fields, as well. “In the next 5 years, I’d like to see BIM as the leading technology in the transportation industry. I think that we are finally moving toward safer methods of transportation, where vehicles will be able to be tracked and controlled at safe speeds,” he adds. “This will prevent crashes and provide a safer driving environment.”

In addition to potentially advancing the safety of vehicles, Gerald feels that BIM’s influence on the transportation industry could also impact renewable energy. He explains, “More so, this could lead to wind turbines, on the sides of roads, propelled by vehicle gusts as they pass, providing electricity to surrounding cities.”

Presenting at BIM Workshops

Although he hasn’t had a lot of exposure to the BIM Workshops just yet, from what he has seen, the event has been a hit! “Last year at the Anaheim event, I was pleasantly surprised as I ran into more BIM leaders in the industry than I had even thought would be there – from all different areas!” he exclaims. “It was incredible. This year, I look forward to speaking, and seeing the responses from my professional and peer audiences.”

Presenting comes naturally to Gerald. He is comfortable speaking in front of students and professionals alike, and has had countless great experiences – but there is one thing he hasn’t done yet. “If I could, I would like to do a presentation with Batman, on the innovation of cloud technology in vehicles of all types and how they could be connected to the grid, similarly to drones being flown by pilots.”

Gerald spends most of his time in the Las Vegas area supporting U.S. CAD’s clients with their project strategies, and training teams for success. We eagerly look forward to his sessions at the Las Vegas BIM Workshops!

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