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On Stage and Off, Steven Shell Rocks

Steven Shell is an architect by trade and an educator by fate. But that’s just a part of his life story. His passion for entertaining is evident whether you see him captivating the crowd at a rock show, or winning over a classroom full of students. He is truly a master at engaging his audience, no matter the setting, and can move an entire room to laughter in a matter of seconds.

Several years ago at a BIM Workshops event, he was accidentally introduced as Lynn Allen. In true Steven Shell fashion, he didn’t miss the opportunity for the perfect joke. “During the Central States Workshop, at the morning MC event, I was introduced as Lynn Allen. I walked up, onto the main stage, and announced, ‘Good morning. My name is Lynn Allen. And, I apologize – I’m having a really bad hair day!’”

Steven is also the front-man and vocalist of the rock band Shell Shock. He expresses his passion for music at every show the band plays and lets the audience know they are the band’s source of motivation. “What I enjoy most is teaching and sharing my passions for architecture and music,” he explains. “I enjoy both producing and experiencing it all.”

Steven’s parents originally inspired his musical talent—they were both talented and successful classical musicians. As he got older, Steven was deeply inspired by other artists. He says, “If I could interview anyone in the world (past, present, or future), I would ask Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) to show me the correct way to play a few of his great songs (because I am sure that I am not playing them correctly).”

Steven has many passions in addition to architecture and music, but, above all, he is inspired to live a happy and full life by his beloved Patty and Jenna, watching his two grandchildren grow, sharing life with friends, teaching, and being on two wheels—both bicycle and Harley Davidson. He’s back at the BIM Workshops this year with his passion for teaching and sharing his extensive experience in the BIM industry.

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