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Inside Jarrod Baumann’s Head: From Laser Scanning to His Start in the Industry

Jarrod Baumann, like many BIM professionals, started working with AutoCAD in high school.  After receiving his Associate’s degree, he went to work for a Mechanical Engineering firm. By making using of the insights and technical practice he gained, he worked his way up from a CAD draftsman, to a Project Manager, and to CAD Manager. In early 2006 with the release of Revit, he realized that both his career and the BIM industry were about to head in a brand new direction. He recalls, “I had no doubts that BIM was where the AEC industry was headed and I haven’t looked back since.”

Now, as the world of BIM continues to grow and evolve with extensive technological advancements, there’s no certainty to what the future of BIM will look like. To Jarrod one aspect appears clear—laser scanning. He says, “Reality capture in its various forms has a tremendous impact on BIM workflows from design through construction.”

As someone focused on technology in the BIM industry and BIM Manager with Tilden-Coil Constructors, Jarrod is always looking at current trends and where the industry might be headed in the future. In the next 5 years, he hopes to see more solutions that tie highly detailed pre-construction 3D models to accurate field layouts during construction.

Jarrod will be at the Orange County BIM Workshops in Anaheim, CA discussing point clouds technology. His session, Get Your Head in the Clouds: Practical Use of Laser Scans will highlight useful, cost-effective methods for implementing laser scanning and point cloud data.

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