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2016 Las Vegas BIM Workshops

4 Reasons Why You Need to Meet Lynn Allen (and Why You Won’t Regret It)

Lynn Allen is a top-rated speaker and host, so we’re excited she’s returning to the 2016 BIM Workshops. If you don’t already know, Lynn is an Autodesk Technical Evangelist who presents to more than 30,000 users worldwide each year, and writes a monthly column in Cadalyst’s magazine, Circles and Lines. She even authors her own blog, aptly named “Lynn Allen’s Blog”.

We got in touch with Lynn to get her thoughts on the BIM industry, the BIM Workshops, and her personal inspirations. Along the way, we also uncovered 4 reasons why you need to meet Lynn Allen.

Reason #1: She’s a BIM Industry guru.

With Lynn’s 25+ years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that she’s a guru, but she’s been on the leading edge since she first entered the industry.

“BIM was clearly the path for the future of the AEC industry, having so many advantages over CAD alone.  As I saw my colleagues embracing BIM and the BIM momentum, I just had to be a part of that!” states Lynn.

“I love all the technology advances: 3D Printing, Reality Capture, VR… the list just goes on and on. But I still see some firms that are BIM resistant. I would love for them all to “see the BIM light,” and be able to enjoy greater success as a result.  Resistance is futile.”

Reason #2: She’s a lifelong learner.

In addition to emceeing the BIM Workshops, Lynn also attends many of the sessions herself! “I always love Steven Shell’s classes. My favorite Steven Shell quote (when discussing the advantages of Revit over AutoCAD) was, “Revit makes me giggle – it brings the fun back into design!””

“At the 2016 Workshops, I’m most looking forward to meeting the attendees and my BIM colleagues.”  Lynn reminds us, “Networking is a key part of the BIM Workshops!”

Reason #3: She can talk design all day.

“If I could interview anyone in the world (past, present, or future) I would love to interview Antoni Gaudi!  I can only imagine what he could have done with the BIM tools we have now, and his enthusiasm over the BIM Process and the 3D visualization tools.  He was so ahead of his time.  Once you see a Gaudi-designed building, you never forget it.”

Reason #4: She likes Hugh Jackman! (Who doesn’t?!)

“If I could co-present with anyone at the 2020 BIM Workshops, I would co-present with Hugh Jackman… I think we could do an amazing X-Men to BIM class!”

Want to learn more about Lynn? Connect with her on Twitter (@Lynn_Allen). Check back for more featured content about our speakers and follow BIM Workshops (@BIM_Workshops) for the latest updates!

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