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2015 BIM Workshops Dates and Locations

2015 Will Bring Four BIM Workshops!

In 2012 the BIM Workshops started with the Central States Revit Workshop in Omaha, Nebraska, by event founder Carla Edwards. The continued success of the Central States Revit Workshop along with the technical community™s positive feedback prompted a re-branding to the name BIM Workshops with the expansion to two events in 2014 and now to four events in 2015.

The Workshops were created originally to connect local users with national, regional, and local industry speakers and leaders. For many users, the Workshops were the only opportunity they would have to learn from and network with their industry leaders and peers.

Approximately 70% of the building design and construction industry is comprised of small to medium-sized companies. Most other BIM and CAD events that are held in the United States are targeted to larger firms with larger budgets as destination events with significant costs. These events miss or greatly limit the segment of the market that includes many small to medium-sized companies.

The BIM Workshops™ goal is to bring similar high-level events to this segment of the market and create a unique event that reaches a customer base that would normally never get to experience this type of event, whether due to location or budget constraints. These events would also give the event sponsors an opportunity to address this audience in a large group format as they have never been able to do before.

The BIM Workshops is fueled by its community of leaders, speakers, and users. Our team welcomes feed- back and can be reached at

For the 2015 year, BIM Workshops will be hosted in Phoenix, AZ, Omaha, NE, Southern California, and Honolulu, HI.

2016 BIM Workshops Dates and Locations:

May 5 | Las Vegas BIM Workshops | Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 27 | Orange County BIM Workshops | Anaheim, CA
Oct. 20 | Hawaii BIM Workshops | Honolulu, HI
Oct. 27 | Phoenix BIM Workshops | Phoenix, AZ