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5 Easy Tips to Save You Time in Revit + Download FREE Cheat Sheet

BIM Workshops Tips for Revit

You’re Revit-ready, but do you know how to maximize your energy in Revit? With so many features and tools, there’s always something new to discover—especially when it comes to tips and tricks to make your work easier and faster.

Here, we share a quick list of tips to save you time in Revit. Comment below and let us know what tips you would share with your fellow Revit users.

Tip #1: Open Multiple Views when Working on a Project

Reduce the amount of time you spend bouncing from one window to another. Simply go to the View tab, then Windows Panel to cascade or tile your windows. A big bonus is that, while you work in one view, you’ll see changes and updates reflected automatically in the others. Source: PluralSight

Tip #2: Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many helpful keyboard commands that you can use in Revit, with some catered specifically to architects, mechanical, and electrical designers. Here’s our pick of 75 keyboard commands that you can download and print to help you navigate quickly and efficiently through Revit.

Download Revit Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

BONUS: Brian Mackey aka the Revit Geek recently shared some new Rotate shortcuts available in Revit 2017. Read his full post here: Revit Keyboard Shortcuts.

Tip #3: Prevent Accidental Clicks

Do you almost always accidentally double-click on component families? You can easily change the way double-click works by going to Options, then User Interface, and the Double-Click options under the Configure section. For “family”, you can then change double-click to “nothing”. Source: AUGI

Tip #4: Calculate in the Properties Palette

If you enter an equal sign in front of any number in the Properties palette, you can construct an equation; simply press Apply to solve. Source: CADShack

Tip #5: Select Items from the Same Family Type

Rather than selecting multiple similar items one-by-one, you can select multiple items from the same family type by choosing one and then right-click to choose All Instances. Source: PluralSight


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